Agenda for Meeting 3rd November

Open LRA meeting on 3th November 2008 at 7 p.m. at the Letherhead Institute

  • Police Panel
  • Minutes
  • Matters Arising
  • Climate Change: Speaker – Derek Smith from Green Mole Valley forum “Transition Towns/Mole Valley”
  • Unilever – “Our Community Investment Policy”.
  • Planning Consultation
  • Officers Reports
  • Future Programme
  • AOB.

“Make a Difference” Tour – 2008

The Leatherhead Residents Association takes to the streets this week to promote it’s activities & recruit new Members. The more members the Association has, the greater it’s voice in local affairs.

Committee members will be manning a publicity stall in the Swan Centre, Leatherhead on Thursday & Saturday this week (16th & 18th October).

If you would like to join or talk to the Association about it’s work or raise a concern about a local issue, then pay a visit to the stand. The Association is always looking for members to assist the Committee in it’s work & so if you have a skill to offer then please let them know.

If want to join but cannot attend either of these dates, a membership form can be downloaded for the LRA website or you can pick up a form from the library.

Epsom Road – New Signs – waste of public money?

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed some new signs affixed to lamp post on both sides of Epsom Road. If you haven’t it’s no surprise. For those of you that have not seen them because they are way above eye-line then here is a picture.

There has been no new restriction imposed on this stretch of road and so the signs are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Motorist are still free to park there; they are apparently doing nothing illegal. The signs are not that visible from the drivers seat & so one has to question the purpose of them.

How much money was wasted on these signs ?

**** UPDATE **** (added by Webmaster)

Local press coverage can be found here :

Poor Illumination on Linden Pitt Path

The Linden Pitt Path connects St. Johns Close via a footbridge over the M25 to Ottaways in Ashtead. The Leatherhead end of the bridge has very poor lighting at night. This puts pedestrians at risk of injury because of the proximity of steps leading down to road level. The LRA has been asked to bring this concern to the attention of SCC Highways

Chairman’s Diary October 2008

  • 10th World Mental Health Day Lhd Lsr.Centre Mental Health in the Workplace.
  • 11th Night Hostel Charity collection
  • 13th Leatherhead Festival committee
  • 14th AGM SAVI (Surrey Assoc. for Visually Impaired)
  • 16th & 18th LRA publicity barrow in the Swan Centre.
  • 21st Surrey 50+
  • 22nd NHS Co-design.
  • 23rd Surrey LINk – launch celebration in Woking HGWells centre.
  • 23rd Homeopathic Group (Christchurch URC)
  • 24th Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce ? Quiz Night in aid of Lhd Town Festivities.
  • 26th NHS co-design
  • 28th Help the Aged
  • 30th Surrey Coalition AGM Lhd Lsr. Centre
  • 31st Leatherhead Town Halloween Festival.

Reports when attendance is possible will be included in the newsletter.

Matters Arising from October Meeting

  • Confirmation was given at the October LRA meeting(attended by local councillors) that the obstruction in front of Lidl bus stop is to be removed.

  • The parking situation continues in Epsom Road, but we were reassured that the notices which are to be attached to the lamp posts requesting drivers not to park are ready and waiting to be attached – unfortunately there are very few lamp posts located on the North West side of the road.

  • The police agreed to continue to monitor the problems of cars mounting the pavement at the Knoll roundabout, with an actually police presence when possible. Councillors agreed to go back to the Highways Department and press for a temporary measure of bollards to increase safety until Highways formulate their plans for this area of concern.

  • Making allowances for forward thinking we are about to find an increase in road congestion due to the opening of the new headquarters for 1400 employees of Unilever n Leatherhead there will be need to re-assess the traffic flow situation. Assurance has been given of flexible working hours, car share and bus transport schemes in place with workers being obliged to book their parking space in advance, when coming to work by car. The LRA will be watching the situation. Our County Councillor gave an assurance that there are long term plans for re-construction of the Knoll Roundabout. But this is no solution for the immediate problem of seriously endangered pedestrians.

Mole Valley: Fit 2 Supply Workshops – 15 October 2008

Local residents with businesses in the area may be interested in the Fit 2 Supply event. This is a very worthwhile event if you wish to put yourselves forward for opportunities during the Olympic run up. There are an estimated 15,000 opportunities being offered through CompeteFor, who will be matching buyers and suppliers in London 2012 Supply chains.

The local workshop is at the Dorking Halls on the 15th October – click on the images for more details.